Application requirements for ASSOCIATE candidates.  

An "Associate" degree is a degree of specialization level 'bin / terminal + two years'.   An Associate degree is equivalent to the first two years of a bachelor. At Universities in the United States and Canada, for example, this is the first rank in the hierarchy of post-secondary university degrees offered in these countries. It is also equivalent to the level of basic and higher national diploma from the Board of Education in business and technology courses of Britain, which is a general degree lasting two years too. In the Board of Education of the Republic of Ireland, it is very common in lifelong learning and the training attributed to this degree is very high. In 2004, Australia added the "associate degree" to the Australian Qualifications Framework. The title was also given as part of refresher courses for adults. NETWORKS:

  • Accounting
  • Accounting and Management
  • Business Administration
  • Commercial Management
  • Commercial Science
  • Computer Applications Technology
  • Computer and Info. Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering Technology
  • Management in Trade
  • Personal Assistant
  • Professional Secretarial Studies
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Travel Agency Operations


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