A good candidate for a master's degree would be someone who needs a qualification for advancement in business, improvement in company, industry, and government workstations or as a professor at university.

The main programs are open to candidates with a bachelor degree or duly acknowledged equivalent.

Applicants must perform to master the program to develop knowledge in research methodology, effective problem solving and understanding of advanced principles.

The proof of professional competence in the corresponding discipline´s way of writing is also required.

The Master of Science obtained by the candidates through a program of study demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the discipline and the opportunities for progress in information as well as a wide knowledge of communication compilation on certain aspects of the discipline.

The MASTER candidate must obtain 40 university credits through the credit transfer, defense courses, or complete the program after registration. But not more than 10 credits can be obtained by evaluation of the dossier before its inclusion in the curriculum. After registration, a minimum of 30 credits can be obtained  under the supervision of the International Faculty of  the E.I.U.

Admission is open:
To students holding at least a diploma of higher education (BAC + 4) or an equivalent such as the Bachelor.
Selection is made after the presentation of individual files which include:

  1. Certified degree certificate in higher education.
  2. Certified translation of the certificate into English (diploma).
  3. 2 photocopies of the passport or national identity card (authenticated).
  4. Application for Admission.

Each candidate will be informed of the outcome of his application.


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